Why learn French ?




French is a language spoken by nearly 280 million people on all five continents, and is the official language of some thirty nations, which ranks it fifth in the world for the number of speakers. French is also the second most studied foreign language after English and the third language of business.

French is one of the two main languages used in the key international bodies: UN, EU, UNESCO, CIO, etc. The International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) brings together more than 80 states and governments that share this language and / or the values (solidarity, cultural diversity, human rights, democracy, etc.) it conveys.

France is the world’s fifth largest commercial power, and by having French-speaking capacities could therefore be an undeniable asset on the international labor market.

With nearly 90 million foreign visitors in 2017, France is the most visited tourist destination in the world. If you have knowledge of French, you can better appreciate the cultural and natural richness of the country.

French offers you the possibility to further your education in prestigious universities or colleges in France, whatever the field of study: science and technology (aeronautics, electronics, computer science, chemistry …), arts (visual and performing arts, architecture, design, fashion …), humanities and social sciences, gastronomy, tourism, etc.

Learning French also allows you to develop your critical and analytical mind; it’s another way to open up to the world!